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Ghostlight Players

Welcome to the Domain of Accent Music and Performing Arts School’s new Theatre Company!

Within this new interest group, we will discuss our love of theatre–musicals, plays, opera, performance art–you name it!
Join us as we foster creative spirit and love for the performing art of theatre with discussions, field trips, member input, and exciting news about the productions in the area, and most importantly, at Accent! This is a social group of theater lovers in the Pittsburgh Area. This will give us a forum to discuss possible productions at Accent Music and just have theater discussions in general. Anyone who belongs to this group will be eligible in the future to attend theater field trips and possibly vote on what productions we do! You will also be the first ones to find out about upcoming auditions.

Joining this group requires absolutely no commitment, besides a love of theatre!

Join us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/986652868033248/

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Production Auditions

Hours and Contact Information:

Monday - Thursday: 1PM-8PM
Friday: By Appointment Only
Saturday: 10AM-4pm

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